About me

I am Nathalie Sajda, a Swedish national with Polish roots who is educated in South Korea, speaks Thai and claims Singapore as home.

I have for the past 12 years worked at the convergence of education, social entrepreneurship, social innovation and intergovernmental relations.

I am currently heading the Nordic Mapping and Youth work at Ashoka Nordic, the world’s largest organisation for social entrepreneurs. Prior to Ashoka, I spearheaded the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Young Leaders Programme and ASEF Education Policy Programme. I have also worked with social enterprises in Thailand and South Korea in the area of technology for impact, education and inclusion.

I graduated from Kyung Hee University (Seoul, South Korea) summa cum laude. My dissertation examined the practices and perceptions of Social Impact Assessments (SIA) and social accountability among Thai social enterprises and impact investors.

When I am off duty there is a high probability that you will find me in a wet-suit submerged and immersed in exploring the sea – once upon a time a synchronised swimmer, today a diver.

Design & Processes

  • Learning design and curriculum development for experiential learning
  • Facilitation and process design
  • Social media and communication plan and implementation

Action & Partnerships

  • Project manager
  • Fundraising, pitching, budgeting and reporting
  • Partnership manager
  • Intergovernmental and civil society collaboration
  • CSR and employee engagement

Thematic areas

  • Social entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Informal education
  • Sustainability, resilience and biomimicry
  • Intercultural collaboration

A few words about me by colleagues and partners

”Nathalie’s tenacity to push boundaries and explore innovative ways to approach topics and project formats is a talent possessed by few. Funny, efficient and highly creative.”

”Nathalie possesses a flair of being able to look at a situation in its entirety being unbiased to any side and thereby come up with imaginative solutions, this has especially been beneficial during times of crisis management.”

”I have seen Nathalie strive in difficult situations and when under pressure. She has a toolbox of 21st-century leadership skills which she’s developed much ahead of time.”

”Nathalie’s creativity and intellectual curiosity, her commitment to delivering great work, and her understanding for structure and details means that she is all the time driving development and improvements.”

”Nathalie can understand and conceptualise things easily, which I believe comes from putting empathy at the centre of her character.”

”I admired Nathalie’s resilience, growth mindset and team leadership skills, as she used humour, empathy and sincerity to build strong relationships with her team mates and stakeholders alike.”

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